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Presentations (past 5 years only)

  1. 'How transnational education can serve to widen access to quality internatioal education', INQAAHE Forum 2024, Bucharest, 11 June 2024

  2. 'Comprehensive Quality Assurance Workshop: Mastering Principles and Techniques of Quality Assurance in Higher Education – A Practical Workshop: The context of quality assurance', INQAAHE Forum 2024, Bucharest, 10 June 2024 (co-delivered with MaryCath Lennon)

  3. 'TNE: An Answer or a Distraction in a Rapidly Changing Landscape?', Pie Live Eruope, London, 20 March 2024

  4. 'TNE and the Global Recognition Challenge', Westminster Higher Education Forum, Online, 7 March 2024

  5. 'Internationally Local: Ensuring quality TNE for a strong student experience', AP AIE Annual Conference, Perth, 6 March 2024

  6. 'Supporting growth of quality TNE through improved understadning and recognition', Internationalisation of Higher Education Conference, British Council & NIEPA, Delhi, 21 February 2024

  7. Supporting TNE growth through recognition and insights', BUILA TNE Interest Group, Online, 7 February 2024

  8. 'Building sustainable Education Hubs', Roundtable with Minister of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan, British Expertise International, 24 January 2024

  9. 'Harmonising HE frameworks for equitable partnerships', Going Global, Edinburgh, 21 November 2023

  10. 'Supporting flexible learning pathways: recognition and quality assurance', Mal aysia Qualifications Agency International Higher Education Conference, Kota Kinabalu, 7 November 2023

  11. 'Supporting the growth of quality TNE: the global recognition challenge', China Education Association for International Exchange, Beijing 27 October 2023

  12. 'What Quality Assurance for Qualification Recognition', Council For Validating Universities, London, 21 September 2023

  13. 'How institutions can engage with and develop TNE via education hubs', Pie Live Australia, Gold Coast, 25 July 2023.

  14. 'Internationalisation of QA vs/ QA of Internationalisation', 2023 INQAAHE Conference, Astana, 31 May 2023.

  15. 'The benefits of internationalisation, and its quality assurance', Fundacao Dom Cabral, Brazil/Webinar, 18 May 2023.

  16. 'Improving the recognition climate for qualifications and skills', British Accreditation Council partner conference, London, 30 March 2023.

  17. 'Assuring quality in a rapidly changing world', Oxford International Digital Institute partner conference, London, 27 March 2023.

  18. 'TNE and International Education Hubs', Asia Pacific Association of International Education 2023 Conference, Bangkok, 17 March 2023.

  19. 'Fostering quality international education closer to home', Eurasia Higher Education Summit 2023, Istanbul, 2 March 2023.

  20. 'Untapping the potential of international education through quality assurance', INDUS University quality assurance conference, Pakistan, 4 January 2023.

  21. 'Supporting the growth of quality TNE: challenges, opportunities and international best practice', London Metropolitan University partners conference, London, 6 December 2023

  22. 'International Education Hubs: fostering quality international education closer to home', Going Global 2022 Conference, Singapore, 29 November 2022

  23. 'Internationalisation of Quality Assurance vs. Quality Assurance of Internationalisation', APQN 2022 Annual Conference, Singapore, 25 November 2022

  24. 'Supporting the Progressive Potentials of TNE through International Cooperation', The Fifth NCCU-LU International Seminar: Sustainable Quality Assurance in Turbulent Higher Education, National Chengchi University, College of Education, 9 November 2022

  25. 'Quality assurance and recognition challenges (and opportunities) with online and transnational education delivery International' Digital Classroom Conference (IDCC) 2022, 21 August 2022, EduCity, Malaysia

  26. 'International cooperation in the quality assurane of TNE: challenges and opportunities', MOET Conference on Cooperation and Investment in Education 2022, Vietnam, 15 September 2022

  27. 'New directions in embedding quality for online & partnered delivery', International Education Association of Australia TNE forum, 28 July 2022

  28. ‘Quality Assurance in a Digital Learning Environment: Challenges and Opportunities’, 16th International Conference on Management & Social Sciences, ILMA University, 24 July 2022

  29. ‘Cross-Border Education: Quality Assurance and Recognition Practices, Challenges and Opportunities’, INQAAHE Talks, Panel Chair, 7 July 2022

  30. Challenges and opportunities for internationalisation and international recognition of TVET education - Sharing findings of the VET Toolbox Qualifications Benchmarking project, Vietnam, MOET / British Council

  31. ILMA QTRIX, Internationalisation for Higher Education, Challenges and Opportunities, 27 May 2022

  32. ‘Best Practices with TNE’, ENIC NORTH Conference: Shifting Balance, Changing Models, 19 May 2022

  33. 'Making sense of the UK TNE QA landscape: how did we get here, and what’s on the horizon’, Monitoring and oversight of TNE in a changing regulatory landscape, Council of Validating Universities, 13 May 2022

  34. ‘Understanding academic credit in the context of international partnerships’, University of East London Global Family Conference, 10 May 2022

  35. 'Pie Live Conference: Introduction to the TNE Quality Benchmark service’, 27 March 2022, London

  36. 'Reimagining Quality Assurance in the ‘New Normal’, INQAAHE Talks, Panel Chair, March 2022

  37. ‘How can lessons learned from COVID 19 support the widening access agenda?Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology Quality Assurance Conference: 27 January 2022

  38. ‘Learning from COVID 19: moving towards an outcome based approach to quality assurance and recognition?’, ILMA University 3 International Conference on Quality Assurance in Academia, 15 January 2022

  39. ‘Improving the recognition climate for TNE Qualifications’, Westminster Higher Education Forum ‘Next Steps for UK TNE’, 9 December 2021

  40. ‘Introduction to INQAAHE and best practices in peer review’, INDUS University Quality Assurance Conference: 2 December 2021 (with Anna Parades)

  41. ‘Improving the recognition climate for TNE Qualifications through Cross-Border Cooperation’, HRK International Recognition Conference, 26 November 2021

  42. Improving the recognition climate for TNE Qualifications through Cross-Border Cooperation’, APQN Annual Conference 2021, 25 November 2021

  43. 'Improving international trust in TNE qualifications: the TNE Quality Benchmark’, Macao Polytechnic Institute/APQN International Higher Education Conference 2021: 22 November 2021

  44. ‘Improving international trust in TNE qualifications’, TAICEP ‘Around the World’ 2021, 05 November 2021

  45. ‘Transnational Education Soft Power – promoting cross border accessibility in a post COVID environment’, Australian International Education Conference 2021, 6 October 2021

  46. 'Transnational Education – Rising to the Challenges', Council of Validating Universities, 25 June 2021 

  47. ‘Fostering international trust: three cross-border initiatives led and shared by CDGDC, KHDA and UK NARIC’, INQAAHE 2021 Conference, 10 June 2021, copresented with Nitesh Sughnani (KHDA) and Mr. CHEN Yongjun, & Li Hongyan (CDGDC) rd

  48. 'What is TNE 4.0 – the biggest higher education activity around the world?' Universities UK, International Higher Education forum'. 13 April 2021

  49. Q&A huddle with UK NARIC, The Pie Live: TNE and Tech, 23 March 2021

  50. 'The Global Recogntion Convention: impact on transnational education', The European Consortium for Accreditation in Higher Education, 26 February 2021

  51. 'TNE and sustainable paths for international education', British Council, International Education Virtual Festival, 18 January 2021

  52. 'Next Steps of UK Transnational Education', Westminster Higher Education Forum,15 January 2021,

  53. 'Transnational Education: The Future of Mass Higher Education', QS Reimagining Education, 9-11 December 2020

  54. 'Teaching and Learning Quality Assurance in Higher Education under the Pandemic' The 12th Higher Education International Conference, 25 November 2020, Macao

  55. 'Quality, Competencies and Learning Outcomes,: how to be fit for Generation Z employability' INQHAAE 2020 Forum, 28 September - 1 October 2020, Moscow

  56. 'TNE: Myths & realities of operating offshore', The Pie Webinar, 2 September 2020

  57. 'Improving the recongition climate for TNE qualifications' IEAA Transnational Education Virtual Forum 2020, 5 -6 August 2020, Melbourne

  58. 'Sustaining partnerships for the future', British Council UK Vietnam HE Partnership webinar series, 24 July 2020

  59. Internationalisation and English Language Policies in Higher Education, British Council UK – Brazil forum, 27 January 2020, London 

  60. TNE expert panel, UKNARIC 2019 Annual Conference, 4 November 2019, London

  61. ‘UK TNE review in Malaysia’, Quality Beyond Boundaries, 25 October 2019, Singapore

  62. 'Quality Assurance of Higher Education and TNE in the UK’, Orientation on Internationalisation of Higher Education and Transnational Education, 29 July 2019, British Council, Manila, Philippines

  63. ‘QAA’s Approach to Subject Benchmark Statements’, University Grants Commission Workshop, 25 July 2019, Colombo, Sri Lanka

  64. ‘The Quality Assurance of UK TNE: past, present, and future’, UUKi Conference, The Future Quality Assurance and Regulation of UK TNE, 17 June 2019, London

  65. ‘The Quality Assurance of TNE in the UK’ Northampton University, Academic Partnership Conference, 22 May 2019, Northampton

  66. 'The quality assurance of TNE: a UK perspective’, Going Global Masterclass, Alternative approaches to Quality Assurance of TNE, 13 May 2019, Berlin, Germany

  67. ‘Collaborative Cross-border Quality Assurance: Good Practices and Challenges’, APQN Annual Conference 2019, 30 March 2019, Colombo, Sri Lanka (Copresented with Rob Fearnside, HKCAAVQ)

  68. ‘Quality Assurance of Higher Education in the UK’, INQAAHE Biannual Conference 2019, 27 March 2019, Colombo, Sri-Lanka

  69. ‘The quality assurance challenges of internationalisation’, Enhancing the International Student Experience in UK Higher Education, Inside Government, 3 April 2019, London

  70. ‘The Quality Assurance of UK TNE: recent activities and looking ahead’, UK transnational education - quality, partnerships and maintaining growth, Westminster Higher Education Forum, April 2019, London

  71. ‘Quality Assurance of Higher Education in the UK’, UK-Thailand, British Council Workshop, 25 February 2019, London

  72. ‘Qualifications involving more than one degree-awarding body’, CVU workshop, Dual Awards - From Theory to Practice, 25 January 2019, London (co-presented with Maureen McLaughlin)

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