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Quality International Education solutions

Q-intled provides consultancy and advice services internationally to a range of stakeholders, including education providers, quality assurance agencies, regulatory bodies, qualification recognition units, and other policy bodies and think-tanks to support Quality International Education.

The work of Q-intled is based on the firm belief that the internationalisation of tertiary education has tremendous potential to develop the global talent, competencies, and mindsets and the international partnerships required for successful and sustainable relations in our interconnected world.

We believe that this potential can be unlocked only by ensuring that internationalisation activities, in any of their form, meet the expectations of key stakeholders, such as students, regulators, education providers, employers, and our broader communities.

Drawing on extensive international experience in the regulation, quality assurance and recognition of tertiary education and its internationalisation Q-intled provides informed policy and practical advice to support the growth of Quality International Education in different areas, including, but not only:

·        International student mobility and the student experience

·        Transnational Education and international partnerships

·        Quality assurance and international regulatory frameworks

·        New developments and opportunities in international education

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At Q-intled we believe in the transformational potential of education, in its power to improve peoples' life and as a crucial means to find shared solutions for the challenges facing our increasingly interconnected societies. We believe in the power of internationalisation to widen access to quality education, and to inform the sense of global citizenship required for sustainable and peaceful processes of globalisation.

Dr. Fabrizio Trifiró, Director and founder of Q-intled, has extensive experience in international education in different capacities. In his early career as an academic he researched and taught on issues related to the governace of globalisation, and how to make globalisation work as a force for good. Transposing this interest and expertise in the field of international education he has played a key role in developing quality assurance mechanisms and initiatives to ensure that international education providers operating globally remain accountable to expected best practice and key stakeholders. Fabrizio has held different roles in this space in UK and international quality assurance, regulatory and qualification recongition bodies. He has played a leading role in advocating for strenghened cross-border cooperation between regulators and all key stakeholders to develop a shared understanding about the benefits and challenges associated with internationalisation in education, and devise shared solutions. a



Expertise. Flexibility. Integrity.

Education providers

Advice and guidance

Advice and guidance on institutional policies, processes, and practices to foster quality internationalisation, including:

  • safeguarding and enhancing the experience of international students

  • developing and delivering TNE in alignment with national and international expectations

  • understanding international regulatory frameworks, TNE approval processes and recognition requirements

Quality assurance and independent reviews

Independent review of institutional policies and processes to

  • underpin internal and external QA, safeguard academic standards and improve the student experience

  • inform the establishment and management of TNE operations, supporting initial due diligence and continuous quality monitoring.

TNE portfolio development  

Support the development of international partnerships and TNE operations working with a network of local experts capable to provide step-by-step practical advice on how to interpret and navigate local regulatory frameworks and business environments.

Regulators and quality assurance bodies

Advice and guidance

Advice and guidance on standards frameworks, policies, processes and activities to foster quality education and internationalisation, including

  • safeguarding and enhancing the experience of international students

  • strenghtening the quality assurance of in-bound or out-bound TNE

  • developing international engagement strategies

Quality assurance and independent reviews

Provide independent expertise to support quality assurance review and accreditation panels, either as reviewer, chair, or review co-ordinator

Research and Analysis

Undertake research, studies, and analysis on different aspects of international education or quality assurance, adopting a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.


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