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Experiences of International Education

Welcome to Experiences of International Education, a Q-intled podcast which explores the varied field of international education through the lenses of individual experiences.

Talking with a wide range professionals, practitioners and experts around the globe, the podcast explores individual journeys through international education, sharing interests and passions, views on challenges and opportunities, rewarding experiences and memorable ones.  

At the same time, it will be a way to appreciate the variety of human experiences and perspectives through the lens of international education ...


'...nice nice very nice, so many different people, in the same device...' 

A heartfelt thank you to Dave Soldier, of EEG records, who has kindly allowed us to use  from 'Nice Very Nice' (from the 'Ice 9 Ballads' album, composed and performed with Kurt Vonnegut) as the theme for this series of podcasts.


Brandon Lee (former CEO of the Singapore Council for Private Education) tells us about how he entered the international education space through the regulation of private education in Singapore, which cover partnerships with international universities. Brandon shares his views about the future of international education in Singapore, reflecting on how the high cost of living in the country will continue to act as a constrain to in-bound international students mobility, and how TNE growth will depend on its ability to demonstrate local relevance... and a memorable football match at Dubai's Academic City

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Ep. 2: Ellen Hazelkorn
(from global rankings to flexible pathways)

Ellen Hazelkorn, Professor Emeritus at Technological University Dublin, and one of the leading commentators on international education, tells us how she started her journey in international education by researching global university rankings for the OECD in the early 2000s. She reminds us how the simplistic nature of ranking is what make them so popular, but also problematic, and how quality assurance oversight would be a less blunt tool to inform government decisions and policy for higher education. She also shares insights into recent work she has done with a range of countries, including Ireland and Wales, to foster stronger links between vocational and higher education to support flexible learning pathways… and memorable work supporting the development of quality assurance in Saint Kittis and Nevis

Episode 3 
release Friday 21 June

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